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Production Process Characterization

The goal of this chapter is to learn how to plan and conduct a Production Process Characterization Study (PPC) on manufacturing processes. We will learn how to model manufacturing processes and use these models to design a data collection scheme and to guide data analysis activities. We will look in detail at how to analyze the data collected in characterization studies and how to interpret and report the results. The accompanying Case Studies provide detailed examples of several process characterization studies.
1. Introduction
  1. Definition
  2. Uses
  3. Terminology/Concepts
  4. PPC Steps
2. Assumptions
  1. General Assumptions
  2. Specific PPC Models
3. Data Collection
  1. Set Goals
  2. Model the Process
  3. Define Sampling Plan
4. Analysis
  1. First Steps
  2. Exploring Relationships
  3. Model Building
  4. Variance Components
  5. Process Stability
  6. Process Capability
  7. Checking Assumptions
5. Case Studies
  1. Furnace Case Study
  2. Machine Case Study
Detailed Chapter Table of Contents

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