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6. Process or Product Monitoring and Control


Univariate and Multivariate Control Charts

Contents of section 3 Control charts in this section are classified and described according to three general types: variables, attributes and multivariate. 
  1. What are Control Charts? 
  2. What are Variables Control Charts? 
    1. Shewhart X bar and R and S Control Charts 
    2. Individuals Control Charts 
    3. Cusum Control Charts 
      1. Cusum Average Run Length 
    4. EWMA Control Charts 
  3. What are Attributes Control Charts? 
    1. Counts Control Charts 
    2. Proportions Control Charts 
  4. What are Multivariate Control Charts? 
    1. Hotelling Control Charts 
    2. Principal Components Control Charts
    3. Multivariate EWMA Charts

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