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1. Exploratory Data Analysis
1.3. EDA Techniques
1.3.3. Graphical Techniques: Alphabetic Histogram

Histogram Interpretation: Symmetric, Non-Normal, Long-Tailed

Symmetric, Long-Tailed Histogram symmetric, long-tailed histogram
Description of Long-Tailed The above is a histogram of the DZIUBA1.DAT data set.

The previous example contains a discussion of the distinction between short-tailed, moderate-tailed, and long-tailed distributions.

In terms of tail length, the histogram shown above would be characteristic of a "long-tailed" distribution.

Recommended Next Step If the histogram indicates a symmetric, long tailed distribution, the recommended next step is to do a Cauchy probability plot. If the Cauchy probability plot is linear, then the Cauchy distribution is an appropriate model for the data. Alternatively, a Tukey Lambda PPCC plot may provide insight into a suitable distributional model for the data.
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