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1. Exploratory Data Analysis


EDA Introduction

Summary What is exploratory data analysis? How did it begin? How and where did it originate? How is it differentiated from other data analysis approaches, such as classical and Bayesian? Is EDA the same as statistical graphics? What role does statistical graphics play in EDA? Is statistical graphics identical to EDA?

These questions and related questions are dealt with in this section. This section answers these questions and provides the necessary frame of reference for EDA assumptions, principles, and techniques.

Table of Contents for Section 1
  1. What is EDA?
  2. EDA versus Classical and Bayesian
    1. Models
    2. Focus
    3. Techniques
    4. Rigor
    5. Data Treatment
    6. Assumptions
  3. EDA vs Summary
  4. EDA Goals
  5. The Role of Graphics
  6. An EDA/Graphics Example
  7. General Problem Categories
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